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Advising Businesses in the Specialist Lending Industry

Wilson McKendrick provides comprehensive services for businesses involved in the Specialist Lending Industry. These include:-

Loan Origination

Wilson Mckendrick provides legal services on all aspects of secured lending in Scotland including residential first & second charges, commercial loans, bridging finance and P2P lending.

Over 95% of all second charge loans in Scotland are originated by Wilson Mckendrick.

Property Search Reports

As part of the lender’s underwriting process Wilson McKendrick search the Register of Scotland and provide reports on property ownership, outstanding charges and any legal impediments on a borrower granting a security.

Loan Servicing

Wilson Mckendrick provides lenders with a variety of post completion services in connection with their portfolios. This includes loan documentation variation, redemption and discharge services as well as advice on assignation projects for loan portfolio acquisitions and transfers.

Advisory Services

Wilson McKendrick advises lenders in connection with their loan and security documentation, lending processes and Provide consultation services to lenders entering the Scottish market.